This movie right here, man

Pacific Rim

This movie right here, man

There’s something about Giant Robots that increases testosterone and has you praying at night that fundamental laws of physics would bend just enough to allow the technology to to birth just in time for an interdimensional war. Pacific Rim was about giant robots, and some other things, like team work or whatever, but mostly about giant robots.

Inasmuch as Snakes on a Plane promised naught more than a plane with snakes on it, Pacific Rim promised only robots vs. monsters and threw in some emotional content for garnish. Plated warm, served six. I walked out of the theater with 3 great urges.

  1. Have a Neon Genesis Evangelion marathon
  2. Draft plans for a full body Jaeger pilot suit
  3. Write a song about the movie

As of right now I’ve only crossed number 3 from my list and here it is, submitted for your approval.


Monitacon 2013

We, the artists of Dawn Sonata, are impossibly excited to see all of you (EVERY OF YOU) at Monitacon 2013 this November 9th in Jacksonville, NC! We will be performing A SICK BIZNASTY SHOW and all, so besides the other guests, the panels, the hotness of the Carolina D20 Girls you get to be rocked out by my own performance. So you know, be there! We have accepted this quest…have you?

I can't overstate my excite

Port City Pop Con 2013

I can't overstate my excite

I’m pleased to see this winding up so well!

For some time now my own home town Wilmington “Wilmywood,” NC has been gearing up to put on a huge pop culture convention called Port City Pop Con May 10th and 11th 2013. Upon waking up from my media production coma and nacho induced hibernation I came to realize that we are ALMOST COMPLETELY THROUGH APRIL, meaning that Pop Con is coming. Soon!

This is kind of a big deal for me, being a pop culture musician and all. Having this in what is almost literally my backyard is a major boon to my interest. Tickets have been on sale for a while, and though I have been pushing it on Facespace and Tweetbook, I haven’t posted about it yet on the blogosphere. NOW IS THE TIME!

Head over to and grab yourself some tickets. The guest list is pretty sick ridiculous, including one of my top fave nerdcore rappers Random (MegaRan)! Carve yourself out some time that weekend. I’d love to see you. No promo.

Speaking of promo, here’s the commercial the Mocking Bard and I made for this event. Spread it like a rash, Pop Con is Coming! Oh, yeah, and there’s also an OFFICIAL COMMERCIAL that’s, ya know, almost as good as ours. *ahem*

My Protégé on stage with the Armory

Minus the Vox Cutter and the Cannon in D this is me performing with the full Dawn Sonata musical armory.

Each instrument is build from a video game controller. The Phat Lute is the axe guitar I’m holding and mystical battle weapon of The Mocking Bard, Dawn Sonata’s DJ/mix master, which features a fully programmable keyboard that controls pitch, rate, and fade for each note and can sample from any sound or song in our library. More than merely a Rock Band controller made to look like a dwarven bludgeoning tool, at its core is it a might weapon of justice and revelry!

Also seen is the drum pad that plays any sample as percussion (in this video, samples from FF8′s Liberi Fatali), a dance pad that controls bass, flanger, sound effects, and track sync, an NES advantage that controls all main DJ decks, and a mini dance pad that acts as an MPC synth pad.

Also featured is me being completely radical.

Epic Weapon: Phat Lute

Item Obtained: The Phat Lute!

Epic Weapon: Phat Lute

At last, The Mocking Bard has been celestially ordained to receive his mighty weapon THE PHAT LUTE,  a Battle Axe / “string instrument” combo with which he can control the magic of his Bardery. It may look like a Rock Band Harmonix guitar controller with some card board, duct tape, and spray paint, BUT DO NOT BE DISTRACTED BY ITS FORM! This is in fact the phattest of lutes and performed well in our first trial of integrating it into our acoustic armory!

Capable of controlling notes, beats, synth, playback, time, and flow of every battle and performance we do, as well as simply MELTING YOUR FACE OFF, we are glad to have this item in our possession and will treasure it until we level out of its usefulness and pawn it for PS4 games. And yes, the whammy bar works!

See for yourself during our preliminary tests of its awesome power!

Dawn Sonata Mix Station

Through a series of level ups and equipment upgrades we managed to get our performance and recording set up fairly put together. Here’s a sample of our new gear. The NES Advantage controller manages the volume, fader, playback, and some controls for playrate. The mini dance pad is essentially a sample bank controller linked up to our cuepoints. Also, an actual full sized dance pad allows dance controlled samples. A rockband drum and mic finish up the setup nicely alone with 4 speakers ready to get customized. Rock on, my brothers. Rock on.

Monitacon ad

Peforming at Monitacon

I will be performing with The Mocking Bard at Monitacon 2013 in Jacksonville on Nov 9th! Dawn Sonata will be rocking out to save the world, so be sure to catch us at this event. It will totally be worth it.

To all my fellow YouTubers

It’s a hard life acting like people care to see or hear what you do, but that’s entertainment! For those of you hustling on YouTube putting in your work and trying to get those views, I salute you. I have a tribute poem to our kind, affectionately called VLOG, and performed on a crappy webcam in honor our struggle. Enjoy!